Triathlon Training for Women: Belinda Granger’s Partnership with MaccaX

Triathlon legend Belinda Granger partners with Chris McCormack’s global team to offer women-specific training sessions and programs

Australian Ironman Hall of Fame inductee Belinda Granger has announced a new and improved partnership with Chris “Macca” McCormack’s global team MaccaX. This partnership will result in the development of women-specific triathlon training sessions and programs offered on MaccaX’s online coaching platform.

Women have been participating in the sport of triathlon since the first modern-day triathlon was held in 1974, and numbers continue to increase as the sport grows worldwide. Belinda, who has finished 50 ironman races and won 15 of them, aims to encourage more women to enter triathlon. She says, “One of the things I am most passionate about in triathlon is introducing more women to the sport and helping them realize that they are more than capable of achieving anything they put their minds to.”

In line with this, MaccaX has launched training programs designed by Belinda and her husband and coach Justin Granger specifically for women looking to compete in half-ironman and ironman races. These programs are available to MaccaX members along with 30 of Macca’s all-time favourite sessions, an Under Armour race visor, and access to team members all around the world including Ironman champions Caroline Steffen and Tamsin Lewis.

Macca, a two-time Ironman world champion, is excited to have Belinda on board. “When we launched MaccaX at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2012, I shared my vision with my good friend Belinda Granger: a global team that has available to them the same resources that we as professionals had available to us, provided in a way that is fun and engaging, purpose-driven, and affordable,” he says.

“The growing number of female members in MaccaX and our work with the MaccaNow Foundation for Breast Cancer made it clear that it was time to have Belinda help steer this team. She is the most energetic and experienced female professional athlete in the history of the sport, and not another female athlete on the planet is more perfectly fitting of who we are as a team and where we are going,” Macca adds.

MaccaX is a global online platform for triathlon training advice and support, whose mission is to elevate triathletes of all abilities to train and race at their fullest potential. MaccaX provides the tools and expertise necessary to realize each individual’s goal via access to top experts in the sport. For more information, log on to

Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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