12 weeks to Full Distance Ironman Triathlon

Hi, I am Chris McCormack, and I figured it was a perfect time to touch base with you 12 weeks out from your big, long-distance challenge in triathlon. Regardless of whether you are doing the full distance or the 70.3 distance, this is a crucial time of the training program.

It’s the time when you should be at least hitting about 80% of the mileage of the event you’re doing in training consistently, and it’s the point where you’re really focusing on your aerobic conditioning and your strength if you’re doing a very, very hilly race over the next four weeks—this next coming month—you need to be getting in a lot of hill work both on run and ride if the course is very strength orientated. And it needs to be up around that distance that you’re racing.

It’s a key time to start to focus on nutrition, understanding how your body uses nutrition because you’re doing that long volume of work. So go out on your long training rides, practice the nutrition program you will be implementing on race day.

We’ve got a three-month period now. So it’s time to dial that nutrition in. The only way to do that is doing those long rides and long runs and practicing what you’re eating and practicing how you drink. For the bike riding, start to get into that race position. This is a big mistake that a lot of people do make when they are preparing for a long distance race is not getting their back and body used to that aerodynamic position on the bike. So get down on the aero bars. Start practicing the position you’ll be implementing on race day, and it starts 12 weeks out because you need to give your body time to adapt.

If you start any later, you start to be a little bit unprepared come race day. It’s really, really important now that you do a consistent work—recover to keep the consistency. And a lot of people can rush things during this period. So just focus on consistent volume, the strength stuff, nutrition, and enjoying the journey. We’re still a long way out, but don’t underestimate where we are in our training.

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The perfect Sunday Run Session 12 – 8 weeks out: