Two Marathons in 7 days – Race one

by Adrian O’Brien

Team member Adrian O’Brien somehow got himself signed up for two marathons in 7 days.  Here’s his report from race one – cannot wait to read next week’s!

5hrs 17mins going by the finish clock. Absolute dog wank. Felt great until 16miles. Then the agony of dehydration kicked in. Really felt like bailing at 18miles. The stop start agony was getting to me. Really had to dig deep. I need to get this sorted. Running in the heat is killing me. My last 5miles felt great. Miles 16-20 I learned a lot about myself. Can’t thank everyone enough. Also getting to run the last .2mile with Mayson made my day. Massive thanks to Kirsten O’brien & Sandra Walker for giving up so much time this week. So in short. Dehydration isn’t nice. Finishing a marathon pain free and ready to go next weekend. Thought of so many people while I contemplating bailing. Really it was never an option. As Mayson said you’re an Ironman dad.

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