Triman Jack has been a member of MaccaX since the start.  Always tricky to find his race results because I can’t remember his real name!  Read about his love for the global community that is MaccaX.

When I was kid I was a competitive swimmer and did surf life saving. In my young teens I became hooked on Rugby and I gave away swimming and surf. I played footy for years and became heavier every year. When I was 17 I was smoking and drinking hard core and basically really unhealthy. At 18 I was working crazy hours, 80-100 hour weeks and I was eating crap, smoking a pack a day and drinking to excess.

In 2007 I stopped weighing myself when I hit 120 kgs. I remember one morning when I just got back from a break and I was getting ready for work my size 40 inch pants were really tight so I had to go and buy a size 42 inch pants. That was the moment I realised how fat and unhealthy I had become.

I remember going to work and a girl had just started going to “boot camp” and asked me if I wanted to go, so I did. I loved it straight away. It reminded me of footy training and even Surf club with lots of work done in the sand. I started eating better and the weight was coming off and I was getting fitter and fitter. The fitter I got the old competitive swimmer was coming out in me and I loved competing at training. I remember someone from boot camp daring me to do a half marathon and of course I said yes. When I finished it I was a wreck and said I’m never doing one of those again.

Triman Jack thumbs upNext came adventure racing and I loved it. Kayaking, Mountain biking and trail running had become a new love. But I just didn’t really like the orienteering side of things. When I’m in a race I just like to go. I said to my mate who had become my training partner, “I’m over this lets do a triathlon”. That was at the start of 2011. I trained hard and my first triathlon was at Canberra 70.3 that year. I was hooked. I still absolutely loved swimming. I found a new love in running and what guy doesn’t like riding his bike. I loved everything about Triathlon. I loved the history, I love the vibe and energy at races and I absolutely love the training.

I remember in 2009 I went to an old swimming friends wedding. I was talking with her husband that night and he was telling me he was training for Ironman. 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a 42.2km run. I remember saying that’s unnatural. Humans surely are not meant to do that. Little did I realise at the time that I would complete my first one of these feats in only 2 years time and by the end of 2014 would have completed 5. I now float around 77-79kgs and 32 inch waist.

When I was young I grew up swimming with the Moffatts. My sister was good friends with Nicole Moffatt and I was friends with Chris, Emma and Beth. We had so many triathletes train with us at squad and I remember thinking these people were crazy but I followed the sport because of my friends.

Out of watching the sport who could not know Macca. He was a superstar. He was so Aussie that just about everyone loved his Aussie spirit and him being a real larrikin. So it just made sense when Macca was launching Maccax, I was in the sport, I remember growing up watching Macca, Welchy, Miles, Brad Beven and so on. It was a no brainer I was in. I signed up from day one.

I loved doing the training sessions set up and I was enjoying seeing the community banter that is the FB group. I was not on FB previous to this as I had not wanted random people from school getting in contact with me so I setup FB in my nick name. Jack. My triathlon mates gave me the nickname Jack because I was like a jack Russell.  My mates would say things and I bite. They would fire me up in training and my competitive side would come out. Hence why I called myself Triman Jack. Its gay I know but it is what it is.

I love Maccax. I like where its heading with coaching etc. I love the Grangers. Macca is a classic and I really like hearing the sessions Sergio recommends each week but seriously I don’t use a lot of the Macca stuff anymore, I stick around because I love the community spirit. I have only met a few people due to various reasons but I hope to meet many more down the track.

triman jack and boysWhen I went to Ironman New Zealand last year my training partner was going to do the race with me but he had an accident and couldn’t go. It was a bit of a downer for me as my wife would have no one during the race to talk with. I arrived in New Zealand and I received a message from Andrew Black to meet up and have a beer 3 days before the race. I thought yep we will go. Well I liked Andrew from the minute I met him. He was a funny Kiwi brother and it seemed like I had known him for years.

Then race morning these young fellas by the name of Mike Robinson and Nathan Buck were supposably coming up to Taupo to watch. I thought yeah yeah. Well while I’m standing in the dark putting my wettie on these two lunatics came out of the crowd and said Trimin Jick?. Wow they did turn up! All I can say is these guys were sensational.

I had a rough day. I copped 3 flats on the bike and ran out of spares. I spent 20 minutes sitting in the gutter thinking my day was done at 90kms on the bike till shimano came and got me going. I got in to T2 and thought even though I had a disaster bike I can salvage a sub 11 hours if I have the run of my life and so I ran out of T2 angry. Needless to say I was struggling big time and everytime I ran past these two nut cases they were yelling and screaming at me. I couldn’t help but forget the pain for a short moment and laugh at these two champions.

Triman ChallengeI walked away from NZ with 4 new friends in Andrew and his wife Clare plus Nathan and Robo. They made this race one of the best experiences in my life and truly shows why our sport is such a special sport and why Maccax is the best concept in our sport. Its for this reason I hang around.

I don’t know Tim Pickering but I feel like my brother is struggling and find myself checking the wall regularly throughout the day to see how he is doing. Even though I don’t know him personally, I do know him and its the same with everyone. I would recommend to anyone.