UK Team member and family man Adrian O’Brien shares his thoughts and passion for all things Team MaccaX.

I’ve been asked several times…… Explain MaccaX. The benefits gained from an on-line coaching platform etc….

So my reply is this.

Adrian after IM UK

Adrian after IM UK

Team MaccaX is far more than a online coaching platform. The group is a constantly evolving and growing entity. Members from each corner of the globe. All with our own aims and goals. With such a wide and varied group finding a happy balance has been easy. Friendships have been struck which will last a lifetime. We have shared stories and life experiences. Some which our own families are unaware off… This is why the group is special and much more than a online training group…

The main underlying principle….. No such thing as a stupid question….. Ask any triathlon, endurance or even relationship  related question and people are quick to offer advice.

People have asked. What’s Macca like???   Well Macca is Macca. Down to earth. Extremely approachable and no matter how busy – always has time for everyone.

The group was the brainchild of Macca. I don’t think he envisaged the group evolving so quickly….
From the early spreecast’s and podcasts. Now the group has global training camps & race meet ups.

I stumbled across Macca & Aaron Franklin via twitter. After stalking Macca at Liverpool 5150 triathlon. I cheekily emailed “Azza” asking if it would be possible to sent him a photo of me & Macca to have it signed for my wall…. The reply astounded me. Photo and the iconic race visor signed and on its way to me.  Also would I like to be a beta tester for a new innovative idea – MaccaX VIP. This motivated me immensely.

Adrian and Macca bikeAlmost two years later. I attended the first UK camp. Five days training and relaxing with team members and Macca.  Macca was so laid back and nothing was a hassle for him. Autographs/selfies/telling stories. The insight in to triathlon and training was invaluable.

People say you should never meet your idols, because you will be disappointed. Well I was far from disappointed. Macca just proved he was a real down to earth person. 

The group has grown but the fundamental ideas still the same. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Kona age group contender or trying your first time super sprint. The group will improve not only the triathlon aspect but also diet, fitness and all round wellbeing.

How many groups do you know, which you can ask the likes of Macca, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, Belinda Granger, Tamsin Lewis and Susann Kràftner questions and get a reply.

Mayson Kona

And finally the biggest impact the group, Macca has been on not only me but my two kids. Back in the day Macca spoke to myself and the kids during a spreecast. Then getting Macca to personally sign his pictures for the kids and the Kona trucker hat which you sent to me. This has inspired my daughter (Mayson) to want to train for her 1st Ironman.  She thinks she can come on the next Macca training camp if she runs!!!!! This has to be a game changer.

The group and all of the members help and inspire each other.  This team has blown my expectations out of the water. Little things stick with you as you suffer during a race…. Maccaisms

“You love it”
“Don’t be shit”
“Embrace the suck”

The group has made me a better triathlete and a better person.