Welcome to the first in a series of team member interviews where we find out more about the team, what attracted them to Team MaccaX and what it has meant to them.  Hope you enjoy!  

Andy Blasquez

In the fall of 2012 I was a bit of a mess.  Everything I’d worked so hard to build had crumbled.  At times like that I look for wisdom, motivation, and inspiration.  My motivation, with nothing else seeming to matter, was to finally get into triathlon and work toward a 35 year old dream of finishing an Ironman.

Trail runI listened to a book by Macca (who I had only heard of from a couple of Kona DVD’s that I used to train with)  When I was done listening to the book I felt compelled to write him.  I knew full well that IF I could find “him”, my e-mail would fall on deaf ears or no ears at all.  Some intern would reply on his behalf.  I was completely blown away when within moments he wrote back a personal response.  Not just a response, but a personal invitation to join his FB group MaccaXVIP to see if I wanted to learn more about the program he was developing.  On a tight budget I had to wait a few months…but then I signed up.  I’ve been on board ever since, with no sign of my leaving anytime soon…or ever.

Andy and BroI’m indebted, not just to Macca himself, but to Aaron Franklin “Azza” and the rest of the network that those two put together.  The group provides EVERYTHING anyone in my shoes could ask for.  But wait…I’m slow.  It provides everything that anyone at all could ask for.  I’ve learned techniques and key sessions to work into a schedule.  I’ve learned what to do when…and when to call it off.  I learned just how hard this sport really is; watching individuals at all levels share their struggles and their successes.
Andy WettieI learned of phenomenal coaches that share their advice and guidance at will.  I learned that EVERYONE in our group is important.  I was blown away once when a gal remarked that the tips I gave her on how to descend on her bike, rapidly, safely, and confidently, allowed her to PR at her next 70.3.  Yes…even a guy from the dull end of the field can feel a sense of contribution to this team. It’s amazing.
 Finally, most importantly, and least evidently upon joining the group initially, are the friends that I’ve gained over the past two years.  We are a family.  I believe that.  We come to each others’ races. We provide support when loved ones are suffering, and we laugh.  We laugh a lot.
I could go on about what this team means but I think it would take another two years to share.  Without this group I’d never have crossed the line of my 1st 70.3 nor would I have stood at the starting line on King’s Beach in Lake Tahoe fully prepared to finish my first ‘full’.