Up Close and Personal – with Robin Miller-Pelton

by Jo Baxas

Team MaccaX member Robin swore she would never do an Ironman….Editor in Chief, Jo Baxas, finds out what changed her mind.

I grew up southern California, surfing , skateboarding and showing horses. Probably where I got my love of swimming and the beach. Graduated from UCI with a degree in business. Then spent the next 2 years sailing around the pacific as crew on a sailboat.

Moved to Hawaii in 1984, met my husband and got married in 1989, we have 2 kids now both in college. I didn’t do much sport during those years, my husband was active duty Navy and we moved every couple of years. Plus he was deployed, a lot.

Joined a gym, finally, and got my personal trainer certification in 1997. I loved helping people overcome different obstacles on their way to fitness.

Moved to Washington state, in 1999 and spent several years just running marathons. My husband entered his first triathlon and I was hooked. Everyone was so awesome. Little did I know what a steep learning curve it was. It was early 2000’s and where we live there weren’t any tri groups or triathletes. So I bought a book and set out to do my first tri. My husband had long since gone on to full Ironman distance, swore I would never do that. So I spent several years just doing sprint tri’s, wasn’t too bad at it. Plus it was a great example for our kids.

Robin on the run

Robin on the run

Hired a coach, which we are still with in 2006, she convinced me to do my first 70.3, I was terrified. But, by the end, I couldn’t wait to do another! I realized I was good at distance, I’m not fast but I am very steady. So much for that “I’ll never do a full IM” Since then I have done 14 70.3’s and 3 IM distance races. Plus I recently did my first 50K run. What fun that was!

Started working in a multisport store where customers convinced me to coach them and get my USAT coaching certification. It goes back to my personal trainer cert. I love helping people realize that they CAN do this sport.

I honestly can’t remember how I found this group, Facebook maybe, but I know I was one of the first to sign up. I’ve always just loved Chris McCormack, I love his smack talk and brashness. He made you work if you wanted to beat him, so fun to watch. The people I’ve met online in this group are amazing, and I’ve also been able to meet some in person. Everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes are so supportive and everyone is so humble about their accomplishments. No matter where I go in the world, or what race I do I know there will always be a team-mate there.