It’s been a long time since we’ve had a race roundup but we are BACK!

A big weekend of racing down under with 7 of our team mates racing at IM70.3 Taupo.


Taupo training run with Aaron Hewitt, Mike Robinson, Tim Ford and Mathieson Jenkin

It was great to see Mike Robinson back in the sport after a few months off. He had a great race finishing sub 5 which was his goal.

“Over the last 6 months I have planned to sell all my triathlon gear after Tauranga however, after a weekend with some of my best friends, hanging with mates and making new ones I feel like I have fallen back in love with the sport. Now to find the right balance between all of my passions to be semi competitive. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend great!”


In form Tim Ford was back on the podium with a 3rd, finishing in 4.34

“My 15th 70.3 is done and my 3rd race in 4 weeks. Very surprised to hit the podium again. This has been an amazing period of racing for me. It was epic to share the course with some great mates.”




Ian Graham snagged a Sunny Coast Worlds slot with his 6th place finish in 4.35. Ian is coached by Sergio Borges.

Our other competitors all did well, Aaron Hewitt a 4.51, Pawel Chalacis 5.04, Mathieson Jenkin 5.42 and Saleh Bin Talib 7.18.
The boys celebrated well of course!

Todd Martin attended our Gold Coast Camp earlier in the year and got 2nd in his age group with a 4.36!

Brian Upton raced IM70.3 Ballarat hoping for a Sunny Coast Worlds slot. He finished in 5.30 which got him 5th place. Will update as soon as we know if that was enough!



Braving the recently sighted sharks Jeremy Fleming and Chris Stevens were out in force in there MaccaX gear at the weekend at the Kurnell Sprint Series. Chris was disappointed with his run…

“If your looking for me this summer I’ll be at the running track. Once again my run letting me down. I’ve worked hard dropping from 5:10min/km down to 4:30 but unless I go sub
4m/km I’m behind.
Missed out on second place today by 60sec had to be content with 8th”


Competition is heating up with our Global Strava Challenge. This runs until December 15th with a new challenge beginning in the New Year. Remember to register on Strava for your workouts to count towards your team.

MaccaX will pay the race entry into any triathlon your choose for 2016. We will customize a training plan for you to crush this race AND you’ll get a 30 min Skype call with Chris McCormack so he can hear your plans, give you advice and hold you accountable!

You will need to log a minimum of 4 sessions into your Strava account to qualify. Speed and distance doesn’t matter, we just want to see that you’ve done at-least 4 sessions and logged these into your account + club.




And finally Swiss Miss Caroline Steffen was delighted to receive a card and pic from her number one fan Adrian O’Brien.





Photo 1 courtesy of @ScottNorrish