The Reason why I have more swim on my plans and coaching !

Hey guys, I always have this questions so I decided to share this information with all of you and maybe some could incorporate the idea !

I always have similar questions from athletes that do not understand why I always have more swim workouts in my plans. Swimming is the Foundation of triathlon training, meaning if you’re not fit swimming you will not get out of the water fresh and it will make your bike and run slower then your potential. I see this very often when athletes get out of the swim and they can’t even run to transition, they need long time to recover and always start the bike very slow. Also important to mention that lack of swim fitness is one of the causes of slowing down on second half of the run in any race distance but specially long ones like 70.3 and IM.

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AND do not forget the most important part – Swimming is the most skilled of all 3 sports, meaning it takes LONGER for you to learn then cycling or running. Frequency is the key to improve swimming skills !