by Curtis Kloc

For those in the Northern hemisphere, the triathlon season is coming to an end. Time to think about winter, base training, nutrition, planning next year’s race season, etc.

One of the best ways to make sure those things happen is to write them down, then you can think about what daily steps you are going to take toward reaching those goals.

Have you reached your racing potential? What’s holding you back? Endurance, strength, muscular endurance, technique, racing weight? Print this out and grab a sharpie…

Most of us age group triathletes could stand to lose some lbs and gain functional strength.

Answer these questions:

Question One

What does your ideal body look like? Weight? Body fat? Strength? Endurance?

i.e. Can you find people you know, celebrities, people whose pictures you can find that help inspire you…

Belinda0001 Chris-McCormack-Wanaka-2013-IMG_5061








Question Two

What does your ideal state of health look like? Are you always injured? Over-trained? Lack of strength?

i.e. To have a vital, energetic, strong, and disease-free body that lives long and allows me to stay active and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Question Three

Why do you want to achieve these goals?

i.e Confidence? Kona? Overcoming huge medical obstacles? Ego?






Question Four

What limiters do you have that will stop you from achieving these goals, and what can you do to overcome the limiters? Hire a coach, a personal trainer, a sports nutritionist?

Sergio Academy

MaccaX Coach – Sergio Borges


i.e. A triathlon coach would help me put together a better race season that is more thought out and properly prepared for.

One month of sports nutrition advice would have me closer to my racing weight at the right time.




Assess yourself

Now, let’s see where your overall functional strength, mobility and coordination is to start this off-season. (This is something you should do every 3-5 weeks to see how your strength and conditioning program is progressing…)

60 seconds for each item with 1-3 minutes of rest between each one.
Do in order
This should take you about 30 minutes.
It’s a good workout that takes very little equipment when you’re in a pinch!

I’ve included my number in (parentheses.)

Can you beat the coach? Let us know how you go!

  • Push-Ups                                (67)
  • Straight Leg Sit ups                (48)
  • Jump ropes                             (139)
  • Box Jumps                               (47)
  • Body Weight Squats                (59)
  • One lap (~ 365 yards)              (:57)
  • Burpees                                   (16)
  • In n Out with arm wrap (abs)  (75)
  • Bench Dips                              (56)
  • Arnold Press                            (17 @ 35lb dumbbell)
  • Push Press (ab ball)                 (28 @ 35lb dumbbell)

To Your Health,

Curtis Kloc, Certified Personal Trainer

If you’d like a personalized strength or weight loss plan that actually gets results, email me at